Create simple pages without pages app

Create simple pages without pages app


You know that, from time to time you need additional pages, be it for legal blah or other things that just wouldn’t fit so well in a thread. If purchasing the Pages application is not an option, you can create visually appealing pages with little knowledge of HTML.

First you create a new file called meineite.php via FTP in the directory in which your Invision Community is located . There you copy the following content into it …

require_once ( 'init.php' ); 
\ IPS \ Dispatcher \ External :: i ();

$ html = 'Lorem ipsum ...' ; 

\ IPS \ Output :: i () -> sendOutput ( \ IPS \ Theme :: i () -> getTemplate ( 'global' , 'core' ) -> globalTemplate ( 'Great site' , $ html ));

By and large, that’s about it. The Lorem ipsum replaced it by your content in pure text or HTML format and Super Great site with what will later be on the tab of the browser. To link the page in the navigation, simply use the system’s Menu manager.

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